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Last Update: 08/07/2003

AUCS 3.0 Features
  • Client data maintenance and reporting
  • General services tracking and reporting
  • Meal tracking and reporting
  • Benefit specialist module
  • Volunteer tracking module
  • General Services tracking and reporting
  • Oasis reporting
  • New! Easier interface and data entry
  • New! Convenient “pop-up” lookups throughout
  • New! On-the-fly additions to city/state/zip references
  • New! Select/track individual ADLs/IADLs
  • New! Easy feedback on required fields
  • New! Custom Query/Report Builder Tool

Add-on Modules
  • Meal Scanner Input Module
  • New! Transportation Services Module now available!
    This add-on to AUCS 3.0 provides comprehensive features for tracking clients, funding sources, drivers/vehicles, trip requests/reservations, trip rates, vehicle logs and more, including wide range of reports (18 at last count!)  For a quick glance at how the program looks, see the screen shots below. The Transportation Module is priced at $1000.  Please call or email for more information.

Screen Shots

Main Module
Transportation Module
Trip Screen
Drivers Screen
Maintentance Screen
Reports Screen

Free Demo

If you don't yet have the AUCS system from Infinity Software Solutions, you can preview it for free by downloading our fully-functional demo.  Get it today from the download section below. [Go There Now!]


If you are already an AUCS customer, you can upgrade to the new AUCS 3.0 and bring all your old data with you!  To upgrade, just follow these steps:

  1. Contact us to purchase the upgrade
  2. Send us your data so we can convert it the new AUCS 3.0 format. Allow 24-48 hours turnaround time, then download your converted data.  
  3. Download the AUCS 3.0 installation program (below) and call for the required installation password.
  4. Install the software.  Feel free to call for assistance; we will be happy to talk you through the installation.

An Infinity consultant will help you through all of these steps.  In a couple of days, you can be up and running with all of your past data intact!


* -
For anyone who wants to try before they buy.  This is a fully-functional copy of the software; the only difference is that it is limited to 100 clients. [Installation Instructions]
* -
For first-time installations of AUCS 3.0; includes the database engine & blank data files. If you have existing data from a previous version of data, contact us to have it converted to AUCS 3.0 format. Call for password. [Installation Instructions]
* -
A data repair tool.  Needed only in the unlikely event that you encounter a corrupted data file.
* -
A screen-print tool.  Adds the ability to print out a copy of any window on your screen.



Eliminates messages such as "Field value out of lookup range" and "Invalid character for field: site" (or field site name).

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 95
Windows 98
Pentium 133 or equivalent
Pentium II or equivalent
Hard Disk
200 Mb free space
500Mb free space

  • Operating System: AUCS version 3.0 will run under the Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT operating systems (not Windows 3.x). In a networked environment, your server may run Novell, as long as it supports long filenames.
  • Y2K Status: Your hardware and operating system must be Y2K compliant. AUCS 3.0 is Y2K compliant, but it's up to you to ensure that you have properly prepared your computer by installing any necessary operating system patches, etc.
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free space should allow sufficient room for all AUCS 3.0 software and several years of data.
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