Print Key

     You can add Print Screen capability to your computer by installing the attached PrintKey
     program. This is a free program Copyright(c)97,98,1999 By Alfred Bolliger All Rights
     Reserved Modification and Sale Prohibited. See the PrintKey web site for more

     Installing PrintKey Click on the file name link below, and save the file on your hard disk
     remember where (in which folder) you save it PrintKey_Light_Setup_510.exe (459K)
     Then run Windows Explorer and locate the file you just saved, double-click on it, and let
     it install PrintKey on your computer.

     Once the PrintKey pogrom is running, you will see a little hand icon PrintKey icon.gif (899 bytes) in your system
     tray in the lower right of your screen. (shown below just to the left of "7:20 PM")
     PrintKey2.gif (1426 bytes)

     Using PrintKeyAs long as PrintKey is running, you can print any window of any program
     by simply pressing Alt-PrintScrn, and then pressing the Enter key. (A complicated
     window will pop up, but just press Enter, and it will start printing.) If you want to print
     your entire screen, press the PrintScrn key alone (without the Alt key).

     Initially, PrintKey will not automatically run each time you turn your computer on, so
     before you attempt to print a screen, you'll need to run PrintKey from your Start -
     Programs menu. Your menu will look similar to the sample below.

     PrintKey.gif (7225 bytes)

     Making PrintKey AutomaticIf you like, you can set up your computer to run PrintKey
     automatically each time you turn your computer on, by copying the PrintKey shortcut
     into your Programs-StartUp folder. If you're not sure how to do this, feel free to call
     and have one of our consultants talk you through it.

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