Aging Unit Client System

How to Send Data

If you're upgrading to AUCS 2.5, you need to send us a copy of your existing data so we can convert it to the new AUCS 2.5 format. Please print out these instructions and use them as a guide.

Summary for Computer Gurus
Zip up your old data directory, using maximum compression and excluding irrelevant files, and email it to us at  Call us to let us know it's on the way. 

Details for the Rest of Us
Step 1 - Locate Your Data
The first step is to determine where your existing data is stored on your computer(s).   Most customers will find it in \AUCS\DATA on their server.  Some will find it in on their local hard drive.

We need the actual, live files that you have been accessing with your old DOS or Windows 3.x version of AUCS. Some AUCS customers have multiple backups of the program and aren't sure which is the "live" data directory. One way to check that you have the right files, is to run the AUCS / DOS program, make some trivial client entry, then exit the program.... this will to guarantee that the client table will have a current date/time stamp. Then search for a "clients.db" file with that has a current date/time stamp; the data directory in which you find it should be the "live" directory.

Step 2 - Zip Up The Data
When zipping up the files, be sure to use the maximum compression setting, to guarantee the smallest file & fastest transmission.  You can use any zip program that creates PKZIP-compatible files (PKZip, WinZip, EasyZip, etc.)  If you have a copy of PKZip for DOS, you can use the two files below to automate the process.

AucsZip.bat - a batch file that will automatically zip up the relevant data files
AucsZip.x - a list of irrelevant files used by AucsZip.bat to avoid transmitting unnecessary data.

Note: these are both plain-text files, so in order download them (instead of viewing them), you'll need to right-click on the links, and then choose the save option from the popup menu. 

Download these two files into your existing data directory, then go to the MS-DOS prompt, CD into the existing data directory, type AUCSZIP and press Enter.  If you don't have PKZip for DOS, you can download the shareware program from

Step 3 - Email Your Data
Attach the zip file containing your data to an email message addressed to Call us to let us know it's on its way.

Once you've sent your data, do not enter any new data into your old AUCS program! You can lookup information and print reports, but once you send us your data, anything new that you enter into your old AUCS program, will need to be re-entered into the new AUCS program after you get your converted data back!  Allow 24-48 hours for data conversion.

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