Infinity has demonstrated the ability to adapt and improve old systems built on
     obsolete hardware to run on each new hardware platform in hundreds of computerized
     sites. Using state-of-the-art technology and sound programming standards, they
     continue to provide us with applications that allow Speedy to advance our core system
     competitively in a constantly changing business environment.
          -- Systems Manager, Speedy Muffler King

     We can unconditionally recommend the personnel at Infinity Software Solutions as to
     competency, integrity, and good customer relationships.
          -- Vice President, Brotoloc Health Care Systems

     It is my opinion that Infinity's strength lies in their commitment to customer service. They
     respond quickly in our times of crisis and their demonstrated expertise assures us that
     the problems will be solved quickly. I encourage anyone who requires professional
     computer services to contact the professionals at Infinity Software Solutions first.
          -- Director, Dunn County Office on Aging

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