Infinity FTP

     Introduction: This program is designed for individuals or companies who wants to
     upload, download or delete specific files to and/or from one or more FTP site with
     predefined locations without spending too much time on logins, finding and transmitting
     files. With all specific files defined, a user can just click on a couple of buttons to start
     transmitting them or use the -Auto command line parameter to automatically start the
     transmission process. This utility is very useful if the transmitted files are the same all
     the time.

     ISSFTP.EXE - Executable program

     ISSFTP.LST Default configuration file - will get created automatically the first time you      run it

     ISSFTP.INI INI file for keeping track of configuration files - will get created automatically
     the first time you run it


     Jobs/Files Screen
     Jobs Section
        Jobs Dropdown Combobox - Displays all available jobs
        New - Creates a new job
        Delete - Deletes the current selected job
        Print - Prints the current job's information
        Site Display Name - FTP site description
        Active - Whether or not to make the site active for file transmission
        Site FTP Address - FTP site address (e.g.
        User Name - User name to get into FTP site
        Password - Password to get into FTP site
        Default Local Path - Default local directory for file transmission program compensates
        for the "\" at the end (e.g. c:\temp = c:\temp\ and vice-versa)
        Default Remote Path - Default remote directory for file transmission program
        compensates for the "/" at the end (e.g. /rootdir/user1 = /rootdir/user1/ and vice
        Total Filesize Limit - Sets the maximum amount of data that can be stored on the
        remote path
        Filesize Limit - Sets the maximum size of any individual file that can be uploaded

     Files Section
        Files Dropdown Combobox - Displays all the available files
        New - Creates a new file
        Delete - Deletes the current selected file
        Print - Prints all the files' information for the current job
        Local Path - Local directory where the file can be found
        Remote Path - Remote directory for file transmission
        Action - What to do with the file
           Download - download the file from the remote server
           Upload - upload the file to the remote server
           Delete - delete the file from the file server

     Configuration Section
        Mark job active when creating new - Make the newly created job active for file
        transmission job
        Mark file active when creating new file - Make the newly created file active for file
        Print All - Prints all the jobs and files
        Click here to change configuration - Allows you to select other configurations

     Do Jobs Screen
        Print Log - Prints the current log
        Start - Starts the file transmission process
        Cancel - Cancels the file transmission process
        Clear Log - Clears the current log
        Save - Saves the current configuration file
        Close - Closes the program
        About - Information about this program. Please read
        Command Line Parameter - The "-Auto" command line parameter will tell the program
        to start the FTP file transmission using the current configuration file.

     Configuration Screen
        Available Configurations - List all currently available configuration files
        Replace - Replaces the current selected configuration with a different or new
        configuration file.
        New - Creates a new configuration file
        Delete - Deletes the current selected configuration file
        Make Default - Makes the current selected configuration file the default The new
        default configuration file will not take affect until the program is restarted. If you want
        to work with the file right away after you close the configuration screen, then use the
        Load button.
        Load - Loads the current selected configuration file This will make the current selected
        configuration file the default and also will load it after you exit the configuration screen
        Close - Closes the configuration screen
        ... - The 3 trailing dots will open up a save dialog box prompting for a new
        configuration file. This applies only to replacing, creating, or deleting a configuration

     Note: This program will not resume interrupted transmissions.
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