We test hundreds of programs each year, and along the way we have found some
     remarkable freeware that provides outstanding functionality. We use these programs
     ourselves, and have found them to be solid and reliable. Keep in mind, however, that
     you download and utilize these programs at your own risk. Infinity Software accepts no
     liability whatsoever for these programs.

     FileZilla A great ftp utility to help transmit data to and from FTP sites. more...

     Power Archiver One of the best compression utilities available.  Works with Zip files,
     as well as many other compression formats. more...

     Infinite FTP Another FTP utility. This one lets you set up pre-defined transfer jobs that
     you can later launch with a single double-click. Great for repetitive transfers, and unique
     in that it lets you grant others limited access to your FTP site without compromising your
     passwords. more...

     DB Repair a utility used to repair paradox/dbase tables.
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